Yōi are supernatural beings that orginate from the other world. In this world they cause harm and injure or even kill humans. There seems to be only very few harmless yōi.

There are many different types of yōi that posses a variety of supernatural abilities. Many of them live on human energy and actively hunt for humans often using tricks to lure their their victims.

Yōi are immune to physical attacks and cannot be harmed with conventional weapons.

List of Yōi
Azuki Togi ・ Giant Hand ・ Homura Musha ・ Hyakkaku ・ Kappa ・ Kasa Ippon Ashi ・ Konaki ・ Kyōkotsu ・ Miage Nyūdō ・ Oni ・ Tenjō Name ・ Tenka ・ Tsukumogami