Tokiwa Yasaka is the main character of Tokiwa Kitareri!!

Appearance Edit

Tokiwa is a bespectacled boy of around 16 with short cropped brown hair and an average build and height.

Personality Edit

Tokiwa is a fairly intelligent, kind, if easily scared kid who has a hobby of writing net novels, he has shown to be a little whiny and petulant at times but when the situation calls for it he can be incredibly brave making quick plans on the fly and somehow managing to survive. When the situation is really intense he isn't above using himself as bait if it means it give his friends an opening to attack as demonstrated against the Azukitogi.

He is often baffled and or disturbed by the other characters quirky and often times bizarre personalities. Like his very first friend, Deus Ex Machina III who has a habit of invading not only his but the other characters privacy, as well, to satiate his curiosity of humanity.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite drink is space cola. He shares this trait with Haruo Niijima.

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