Omake 7 is a short bonus story that was included in volume 7.

Summary Edit

The Tokiwa Brigade is visiting a karaoke bar. Haruka can sing pretty well, because he received voice training from his mother. Kanata cannot sing, as he does not know a single song. Rein quite literally blows everyone away with her performance.

Aria’s singing voice is very nice and soothing. But strange things happen when she is singing. Kanata’s wounds disappear and the vegetable sticks on the table and the wooden pillars start sprouting leaves. With great horror Tokiwa, Kanata and Meguru notice that their chicken nuggets have come back to live as well. Meanwhile Aria is still singing surrounded by the plants that have grown from their food and the pillars.

In the end Kanata, Rein and Aria found their trip the karaoke bar rather enjoyable. Tokiwa, Meguru and Haruka are still shaken by the experience and Tokiwa suggest staying away from karaoke for a while.

Characters Edit