Omake 3 is a short bonus story that was included with volume 3 of Tokiwa Kitareri!!.


Aria wants to visit an amusement park and asks Haruka to go there. Tokiwa, Meguru, Machina and Kanata decide to tag along.

It turns out that amusement parks are not the best environment for humanoids. The rollercoaster upsetst Machina's GPS and gryroscope which makes him feel "sick". The haunted house depressed him, because machines are used as spectacles.

Aria suggest Machina to try an animatronic giraffe you can ride and despite all doubt Machina and the giraffe get along rather well. They get along so well that Machina spends the whole day with the giraffe and even claims that they became frieds and that he wants to take it home.

When Tokiwa finally gets him to say goddbye to his new friend, the giraffe moves on its own and follows Machina.

From that day, Machina often goes to the amusement park to visit his new friend.