Extra! Meanwhile Anima Mundi (おまけ!そのころのアニマムンディー, Omake! Sono koro no Anima Mundi) is a special short story that came as a bonus with volume 1 of Tokiwa Kitareri!!


While everyone else is at school, the yet nameless girl from Anima Mundi is left alone at Haruka's house.

Haruka sends her some instructions vial mail, but she does not quite understand what those mean. It seens she has never seen a microwave oven before and is surprised that her meal is still frozen although she made a pling sound by hitting a glass with a spoon.

Her attempts to turn on the air conditioning with the remote control fail as well. Instead she manages to turn on the ceiling fan, the stereo and opens the garage door. When she accidentally switchen the TV on she's afraid that McGuffin might appear again and smashes it with a chair.

Neither does she know how video games work. She stacks Haruka's games and his game consoles next to each other and topples them over like dominoes. But at least she's entertained and messages Haruka that "Games are fun." Who is quite surprised and would not have thought that his house guest is a "gamer", but plans to pick up some more games for her on his way home.