The Golden McLean came to Haruka's house in order to seize Aria, the Maiden of Anima Mundi.

He mentioned McGuffin several times. It is not made clear whether they work together or if they are mere acquainances.

He possesses a kind of sorcery called kinetic money, which allows him to change the energy inherent in coins and bills into explosive energy. Since the amount of energy is determined by the value, a small coin causes less damage than for example a 10.000 yen bill. This technique has the disadvatage that money used for attacks will dissolve as it it transformed into explosive energy, which makes this kind of sorcery rather costly.


He was defeated through the united efforts of Tokiwa, Kanata and Haruka. After his defeat Aria used her powers to close his eye of judgement. Later a group of small, ghost-like creatures appeared to carry the unconscious money sorcerian off to an unknown place.

He makes another apprearance later when he confronts Tokiwa and Aria. After his Judgement Eye had been taken away he has lost his powers, and now he deperately begs them to restore his sorcery.

Notes Edit

  • There are several names that are written マクレーン in Japanese. The most common one was chosen for this wikia, until there is an official statement.