Haruka Yata is one of Tokiwa's classmates and a young sorcerian. He's the son of Kojūrō Yata and Yukue Yata.

Appearance Edit


Haruka & Aria

Haruka is a slightly tallish teenager with short, light brown hair and reddish brown eyes. He usually wears jeans, a black shirt and a grey hoodie, even at school, while most of his classmates wear a school uniform. He is described as very handsome by his classmates and he is very popular with girls. This goes so far that there is a secret fan club for him at his school.


Haruka is not what one would call a sociable person. He prefers to keep to himself and is always suspicious of others. When he was introduced he did not have any friends and he still refuses to get overly friendly with Tokiwa and the others. His behavior towards then is very rough and cold most of the time. He often calls them names and hates it when they refer to him by his fist name or call him a "magician". This behavior often leads to arguments and bickering between him and Machina. Nevertheless he will come to their aid if he is more or less forced to by the circumstances or if someone's life is in danger.

The only exception it seems is Aria who is very dear to him. Ever since she showed up at his door he is extremely protective of her. Haruka let her stay at his home until she moved into the Green House and will spoil her with sweets and everything else she might desire. Generally his feelings towards her seem to resemble that of a big brother's for his younger sister. Haruka also becomes jealous when someone else gets too close to her.

Haruka is very serious when it comes to training his skills as a socerian. As he is aware that his skills are not yet sufficient to protect Aria should they encounter another strong sorcerian. He is training together with Aria who turned out to be a rather strict teacher.


Haruka's father Kojūrō Yata was a famous magician and sorcerian who went by the name "Sage of the East". He died under mysterious circumstances during one of his magic shows. His mother Yukue Yata is a famous actress and extremely busy with her work. Therefore Haruka has been alone most of the time ever since he was a child.

On the night of his sixteenth birthday Aria, who did not have a name at that time, came to his door to seek help from his father.