Flashing Silhouette is a sorcerian associated with Shining Eye.

Appearance Edit

Flashing Silhouette appears to be about the same age as Tokiwa and his friends. He is tall and wears his long hair in a braid. He dresses rather fashionably with a scarf and a long coat. He also wears a necklace and piercings.

Skills Edit

Befitting his name, he is controls shadows with his sorcery. He is able to twist shadows into any form and shape. This inclused creading a shadow armor that protects him frim attacks. He is also able to gain information about an object that casts a shadow, which is shown when he casts a spell on the schools shadow which told him that Aria was in this building. His sorcery is extremely powerful. Aria even mentions that he possesses powers of the strongest kind. He uses a stone that he wears on a necklace around his neck to enhance his powers.

In addition to his skills as a sorcerian, he is also an accomplished martial artist who is able to keep up with Kanata.

History Edit

When he is first introduced, Flashing Silhouette saves a young girl who was about to commit suicide. He tells her that he plans to end this world soon. Later he shows up at Tokiwa's school when he learns that Aria, the Maiden of Anima Mundi, is there. He follows Aria and Haruka up to the roof where he fights Haruka and easily overpowers him. Then he turns to Aria and asks her to come with him so they can head towards the end of the world together. According to him someone like Aria would fit in much better with his organization than with Aria's friends who he could kill without any effort.

In the ensuing brutal battle he is able to defeat both Haruka and Machina. Tokiwa manages to catch him off guard for a moment when he manages to steal the stone he wears around his neck, but that doesn not stop him and he cuts off Tokiwa's left arm and right leg.

The battle takes a turn when Rein and Kanata join it as his shadow sorcery is at disadvantage against Kanata's ninja techniques and the light Rein emits which cancels out his shadows. Rein and Kanata are aided by Machina who self-destructs to create more light. Flashing Shilhouette seems defeated, but he can deflect Kanata's finishing technique with his own martial arts skills, and subsequently is able to escape on a shadow bird he created from the shadows that leaked from his broken piercing.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to be acquainted with McGuffin and the Money Sorcerian, since he mentions both of the during his battle. It might be possible that they all belong to the same organization.

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