Dr. Gondō is the leader of Enigma.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Gondō looks like a friendly older man wearing glasses, a turtleneck pullover and a cap.

Personality Edit

Despite his friendly and gentle appearance his personality is rather cold. He only cares for technology and Enigma's goals. It does not bother him If people are injured or killed during the process, as he "has no use for living beings".

Background Edit

Dr. Gondō was part of the group of scientists who developed the DEM series. When DEM II decided to go act on his own he tried to stop him. DEM II went haywire and seriously injured his creator. Almost all parts of his body had to be replaced with artificial parts due to his life-threatening injuries and he became a cyborg.

History Edit

Enigma Commander fist shows up when Tokiwa and Machina are at DEM II's facilities after they have freed Rein from cyberspace. He states that they observed the facilities hoping that Machina would appear eventually and he orders Machina to come with them. Since he has no interest in humans, he orders his soldiers to kill Tokiwa and Rein. He is rather surprised when Rein turns out to be super-human. He instantly recognizes that DEM II's technology must have been involved in Rein's creation. Because of this change of event he gives orders to have everyone, including Machina, killed and destroyed. He says it would be enough if he can dissect their remains in the laboratory later. His plan fails when Rein destroys their giant fighting robot with one single attack and he retreats with his soldiers.

Enigma Commander makes another appearance when Tokiwa and Rein fight one of Enigma's drones that was send to retrieve data stored in a bank safe. When one of his soldier asks him if they should abort their mission he tells him to let that fight continue, because he wants Rein's fighting data. He is astonished and amazed when he sees that Tokiwa now possesses parts of the Machinus Body body, as I thought it would be impossible to transplant these parts on a human. Smiling he comments that the one who did this must have been a madman.

Later he joins forces with Eikozu Kurohera and the Genma Clan in order to find the God Fragments to gain ultimate power.

When the gate is about to open he betrays his allies and attempts to claim the ultimate power for himself alone. He is killed by Eikozu Kurohera's leader after a short battle between the two.