Deus Ex Machina III, or for short DEM III is a highly advanced humanoid. At school he uses the alias Deusu Makina. His friends usually call him Machina.

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Machina is a tall, slender robot with long silver, shaggy unkempt hair, blue eyes that resembles crosshairs, and violet "tattoos" under his eyes. His usual attire consists of a navy blue trench coat, fashioned with light blue stripes and seams on the sleeves, collar, wrists, and pockets. Underneath, he wears a blue long-sleeve shirt with a navy blue collar and a matching tie. His shirt is tucked into his dark leather pants that have a gray stripe running around his thighs and dark blue kneepads.

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  • He is based on Horosho, a character from one of Syun Matsuena's old one-shots, called Superman Horosho!! which was published in 2003.