The 59th Time: The Fierce Fight’s Conclusion

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His friends are shaken by Tokiwa’s death. Rein seems especially affected that she could not prevent his death although she has returned from a faraway place to protect him.

But not all hope is lost. Machina is able to take control of Tokiwa’s artificial arm scaring everyone in the process and gives Tokiwa a rather brutal energy infused heart massage. It works and Tokiwa starts to open his eyes. While he is slowly regaining consciousness Tokiwa has a strange vision.

There is a person who is wearing battle gear, a long coat and carrying a sword on his back, standing on a battlefield. This person is Tokiwa himself, but instead of his left arm his right arm is the artificial one. Rein appears by his side and lightly scolds him that he is overdoing it again. She attacks one of the yōi he is fighting and instantly destroys it. She tells him that she will always return in situations like this.

The next scene shows a close up of Tokiwa’s lower face that has some circuit-like likes beneath his right eye. He reaches for his face and uses Machinus Beam.

The dream end as Tokiwa is fully woken by another hit to his chest. His friends are overjoyed by his revival.

They are interrupted when the homura musha’s head starts moving again and attacks them. To everyone’s surprise Kagari suddenly shows up and seizes her chance to capture the yōi. Haruka and Kanata yell at her for hiding during the battle. She smiles and thanks them for risking their lives for her and starts to leave. Haruka and Kanata who are too injured to do anything tell Rein to go after her. But the airheaded Rein just waves at her and thanks Kagari for helping them out.

Meanwhile Tokiwa tells Machina about his strange dream. Machina is slightly puzzled, because Tokiwa’s brain waves had stopped during the time he was dead. Tokiwa wonders what that strange vision was if it cannot have been a dream.

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Machinus Magna Hold (Machina), Machinus Beam (Tokiwa, dream sequence), Fūma Kugutsu (Kagari), On Amiriti Un Hatta (Kagari)