The 58th Time: Struggle to the Death

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Haruka declares that he is going to be the homura musha’s next opponent. He is convinced that he has got a chance against the yōi, because the strength of the heart that is the source of a sorcerian’s power is similar to Tokiwa’s psychic power. And indeed, his attacks do have an effect on the yōi. Machina suggests that psychic energy, the resolve of will and the strength of a heart might all stem from the same source.

But unfortunately Haruka’s sorcery is too different and the effect of his attacks is not strong enough. The homura musha strikes him and Haruka appears to be unconscious. When Kanata and Tokiwa want to come to his help Haruka tells them to stay away using his newly learned telepathy spell. Since the yōi’s lower body was cut off it has become somewhat immobilized, so he wants to destroy the building and bury the yōi under the debris. He asks Tokiwa to take care of Aria and faces the homura musha for his final attack.

But Tokiwa cannot watch his friend die. He uses his artificial leg to propel himself under the yōi and aims his blaster at it. Machina warns him not to use the blaster, because it might kill him if he uses it again. Tokiwa replies that he cannot know for sure until he has tried it and fires.

His blaster severs the homura musha’s head and it falls off. Rein suddenly appears and catches the falling head before it can crush Tokiwa. She tries to wake Tokiwa, but he does not react.

Machina announces that his heart has stopped. Tokiwa is dead.

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Āku Haheshinao (Haruka), Machinus Blaster (Tokiwa)

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  • Haruka addresses Tokiwa by his given name for the very first time when he asks him to take care of Aria.