The 57th Time: A Story of Victory!

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Kanata is about to sacrifice himself despite Haruka’s heavy protests. He is stopped by Tokiwa who will not let him die. However the homura musha is still attacking them and Kanata is barely able to deflect its blows and Kanata does not see any other way to defeat the yōi. But Tokiwa asks Haruka to trust him, because he has come up with a plan – a story of victory.

His plan is to break the floor beneath the yōi’s feet which would cause it to fall into the opening between the two dimensions that is located 3 floors below them and effectively send the yōi back to where it came from.

Kanata forces the yōi backwards until it stands right above the opening and Haruka uses his sorcery to destroy the floor. Their plan seems to work and Kanata tries to close the interdimensional opening, but the homura musha is able to drag its upper body out of the hole.

It reaches out planning to strike Kanata, but Haruka blocks its sword with this barrier spell. It is now his turn to face the yōi.

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Garetsu Gokukikokujin (Kanata, interrupted by Tokiwa]], Āku Haheshinao (Haruka), Kurui Goma (Kanata), Ryōheki Zanpū (Kanata)

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  • This chapter has almost exactly the same title as chapter 14. The only difference is an exclamation mark that was added to the title in the tankōbon version of this chapter.