The 56th Time: Desperate Battle!!

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When Kanata’s attacks have no effect on the Homura Musha, Tokiwa tells everyone that the three of them have to combine their efforts. To which Machina responds and says that it is four of them and not three.

Tokiwa plans to use his blaster and orders Haruka to bind the yōi while Kanata keeps distracting it. Machina calculates the precise angle Tokiwa has to shoot from, so he will not harm anyone.

They set Tokiwa’s plan into motion and Kagari is astonished that a sorcerian and a ninja obey his orders.

Tokiwa is able to fire his blaster, causing the whole upper part of the building to explode. But as Machina predicted no civilians were hurt in the process. Rein and Aria, who are still outside, witness the explosion and Rein rushes off to help Tokiwa.

Inside the building Kanata is protecting Haruka from falling debris. Tokiwa is completely exhausted from using all of his energy and faints.

However, when the smoke clears the homura musha emerges again and appears to be mostly unharmed.

At this point Kanata says that is seems that this is the place where he is going to die. He goes on to tell the shocked Haruka to take Tokiwa and leave, as he is going to use the Hagakure Clan’s final secret technique.

Kanata lifts his shirt to reveal his bare stomach and points his sword at himself in order to execute his final technique: Garetsu Gokukikokujin.

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Engoku no Nagi (Homura Musha), Wakemi no Jutsu (Kanata), Ewarekefuho Ingunisuho Inguniwa (Haruka), Machinus Blaster (Tokiwa), Garetsu Gokukikokujin (Kanata)