The 42nd Time: The Lost Town (第42の時 失われた町, Dai 42 no toki: Ushinawareta machi)


Sennbeiser takes Tokiwa to the remains of a twon that has been destroyed by an accident in a chemical plant according to official records. These records however are very sparse and only talk about the accident and not about the town that was destroyed.

After the have arrives Sennbeiser tells Tokiwa not to leave his side, because he cannot guarantee for his life otherwise. Soon enough it shows that the whole area is infested with yōi who attack the two humans ans soon as the spot them. Sennbeiser has to fight them off while guiding Tokiwa through the ruins.

As it turns out, this town was not destroyed by an chemical accident. Rather this town was only one of 20 towns that have been obliterated by fights that happened during the last "Time of Existence".

When the finally arrive at their destination a giant figure, bigger than a high-rise, lies in front of them. This, Sennbeiser explains, is a TEN. A horrible enemy he had slain, that killed many of his friends back then. In ancient times these beings were called "gods".


Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ten
    TEN is written with the kanji for heaven (天). Interestingly the reading is given in Latin scrip rather than the usual hiragana or katakana.