The 35th Time: The Man Who Is Too Supicious (第35の時 怪しすぎる男, Dai 35 no toki: Ayashisugiru otoko)


Sennbeiser Suzuki tries to convince Tokiwa’s friends that he is not a suspicious person or an enemy, but his attempts fail and they attack him. He easily evades and stops their attacks. Finally Tokiwa comes to his senses and tells his friends to calm down. While Kanata has to repair the roof once again Suzuki introduces himself to those who haven’t met him yet. He mentions that he didn’t expect Eikozu Kurohera (Shining Eye) to move this soon. According to his explanation they are a sorcerian organization that believes they have to right to subjugate the world. When Haruka draws his attention to Aria he says that there was another woman who went by the same title – the Maiden of Anima Mundi – during past battles. Unfortunately she had died. Kanata urges him to tell them more as he is the only one who knows what is happening. Tokiwa interjects and ask Suzuki again who he actually is. Suddenly a voice proclaims that Suzuki was the leader of the “Heroes of the Prophecy” during the last time the Time of Existence happened. The voice belongs to Kanata’s father. Kanata’s father and Suzuki start fighting. Kanata’s father uses a body split technique and is quite surprised when Machina is able to tell the real person from the cloned images. Suzuki draw a sword and while they clash their weapons Kanata’s father also mention that Suzuki was a foolish leader who lost many friends and then goes one to say that Suzuki’s skills have not declined, but his sleazy character hasn’t changed.

As it turns out they know each other well, because Kanata’s father, too, was once part of the Heroes of the Prophecy.


Chapter NotesEdit

  • There are five other people shown as silhouettes when the history of Suzuki and Kanata’s father is revealed: one woman who strongly resembles Aria, another woman in armor carrying a sword, a blond long-haired man with a hat, a silhouette of someone who seems to have rather crazy hair, and finally another silhouette that belongs to someone who seems to have long hair and a beard.