The 34th Time: Everyone's Wounds (第34の時 それぞれのキズ, Dai 34 no toki: Sorezore no kizu)


Tokiwa is still exhausted and in shock after the laser beam incident. Machina’s and Rein’s efforts to revitalize him do not work at first, but he gets better once Aria, Haruka and Kanata join in.

Meguru is already back at school. The destroyed roof has been blamed on a gas leak and nobody there remembers anything that happened during the 20 minutes when the fought the sorcerian. Tokiwa becomes aware the he probably would have killed everyone if they had made a single mistake.

Haruka tests Tokiwa’s new strength by throwing a coin at him. With his artificial arm he easily bends the coin and then returns it back into its previous shape. When told that he should be able to defend himself now, Tokiwa declines and says that even Machina could not defeat the sorcerian. Haruka concedes that their enemy was on a whole different skill level and that they were not able to even scratch him. Tokiwa throws in that he was able to injure him with Kanata’s kunai and that they will defeat him next time. Haruka feels encouraged and claims the sorcerian as his prey... at least he would like to.

Rein has another message from her other self: The power of supernatural being will be released during the Time of Existence. The threat the will befall the heroes is not an ordinary one.

With Machina’s help Tokiwa trains to become used to his new limbs. Meanwhile Haruka is still frustrated by their enemy’s strength. It occurs to Tokiwa that he and Machina were not the only ones that were hurt and that is seems nobody is born a hero. He announces to Machina that he is going to become stronger.

Suddenly Sennbeiser Suzuki pops up from the ceiling. He tells Tokiwa that the things he warned him off have happened and that he has lost his ordinary life (amongst other things). His sudden appearance scares Tokiwa so much that his laser goes off again - he barely misses Aria and Rein.

When Haruka, Kanata and Rein come running they find Suzuki holding and almost unconscious Tokiwa by his shirt. Suzuki claims that this is just a misunderstanding.


Chapter NotesEdit

  • The summary/caption for this chapter mentions that Tokiwa has been turned into a cyborg.
  • Kanata is very skilled when it comes to house repairs, because he lives in an old house that constantly needs repairs.