The 32nd Time: Inheritance (第32の時 受け継いだもの, Dai 32 no toki: Uketsuida mono)


Tokiwa wakes up at home and remembers the fight, how Machina died and how his arm and leg were cut off. When he reaches for his lost arm he is surprised to notice that his arm is still there and that he doesn't feel any pain. That must mean everything was a dream and Machina is still alive.

That is when he notices something strange about his arm. It turns out that it is actually Machina's arm. Rein tells him that this was done according to Machina's will. Tokiwa is devastated.

Flashback: Tokiwa is about to bleed to death. Rein gives him some of her blood and orders the others to take him to Machina's room, which turns out to be full-blown high tech facility. Rein takes Tokiwa with her into the room while Kanata and Haruka have to wait outside.

In that flashback she also mentioned something about "a fate that cannot be escaped" and Kanata wonders if Rein knows something. From the roof he sees Tokiwa who went outside and calls after him if it's really okay for him to walk around this soon after his injury.

Tokiwa walks around and notices how his new arm and leg feel completely natural just as if nothing had ever happened, and that's especially painful for him.

He dashes off and the artificial limbs give him enough strength to jump higher than a house. When he lands Tokiwa stumbles, falls and ends up in front of an old run-down house. He takes out his desperation and pain on a wall that shatters when he hits it with his artificial arm. He calls for Machina, but the caption on the last page says that Tokiwa's voice does not reach Machina, who gave him his arm.


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