The 22nd Time: A New Monster (第22の時 新たな怪異, Dai 22 no toki: Aratana kai'i)

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Rein is investigating the supernatural occurrences in their town at night. And notices that it is a bit strange that they mostly concentrate here.

She gets lost again and again some policemen have to take her home in the morning. The reason for her nightly investigations are that DEM II used to reseals there occurrences as well. If she goes after these occurrences she might find a hint that leads her to DEM II.

Tokiwa and the other rush off to school while Rein stays behind. After all she already possesses all human knowledge, so she says.

At school Tokiwa himself researches the monsters the have encountered so far. In their school library he bumps into one of his classmates, a girl named Kotohiro, who desperately begs him for help once she sees that he's reading a book about yokai. Rein who followed Tokiwa to school, because she was feeling lonely is eager to help while Tokiwa on the other hand is not to keen about getting dragged into some mess again. It turns out that at the girl's house some kind of monster has appeared, but so far she has not been able to find out what it is and how to deal with it.

Rein readily agrees to come with her after school and drags along Tokiwa before he can go and find Kanata. She even refuses Machina's help and is 100% confident that she's able to deal with that thing by herself.

On their way Kotohiro tells more about the thing and how she has tried to find information and help before, but could not find either. Everyone only laughed her off and called her videos fake. Rein slips into divination mode for a second and states that nowadays the evidential value of image media has been lost.

As expected there really is a monster in Kotohiro's backyard and while Tokiwa calls Machina and tells him to get Kanata as fast as possible, Rein changes into her battle suit right in front of Kotohiro's eyes and charges at the monster.

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  • One of the people who replied to Kotohiro online goes by the nickname "Alien Great Governor-General" (宇宙人大総督, uchūjin dai-sōtoku). Their avatar shows a silhouette with pointy ears. It is quite likely that this person was Haruo Niijima.