A 30-second animated commercial was announced in Weekly Shōnen Sunday issue 49/2015 and released on January 18, 2016 (Japan Time).
It was produced by J.C. Staff.

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The main cast is shown at Tokiwa's home and Tokiwa introduces everyone with: "The first friends I made were all not normal."
The cm cuts to scenes of everyone fighting ending with Tokiwa using Tokiwa's Blaster. "...and then, me as well."
The final cut shows an image of volume 5 with an announcement that the manga on sale.

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  • Character Design, Animation Director: Shin'ya Hasegawa
  • Director: Kiyotaka Ōhata

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Image Song: real colors

  • Vocals: AKKO
  • Lyrics: Chizuko Moriai
  • Composition/Arrangement: DEEP FIELD
  • Guitar: Takehito Shimizu

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